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People First

UniCar is a new and innovative rideshare service that offers both our passengers and our drivers benefits and rewards. UniCar will give our driver the opportunity to earn increased revenue and take advantage of incentives and rewards including our drive-to-own program which enables our driver to buy back their brand new vehicle for just $1 after accumulating sufficient rewards points. UniCar passengers have the unique ability to reduce the overall cost of the fare and unlocking discounts and coupons whilst travelling from A to B. UniCar was soft launched at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast and invited to participate in the Gold Coast “Way Ahead” event, which was a subset of the global entrepreneur event, Myriad. Volkswagen have formally announced a partnership agreement with UniCar to work collaboratively delivering innovative concepts and experiences to the ridesharing market. UniCar's pre-launch marketing and branding strategies have positioned us as the platform to revolutionise personalised transport. One of the major elements being our cutting edge business model. Designed by observing our competitors early struggles UniCar adds the latest innovations in safety and security, guarantees consistency of service in a brand new vehicle every time you ride, offers rider and driver rewards, competitively lower fares and no surge pricing. UniCar is receiving five star feedback from our current customers and we invite all new customers to try the Unicar service for free. Download the UniCar Australia APP from the APP Store, sign up your account and we will send you a free ride credit to the value of $20. UniCar has recently registered as a transport operator for the NDIS, a government funded scheme, providing support for Australians with disability, providing patient transport and hospital transfers. UniCar is committed to making a difference and donates 3% of every ride to charity. UniCar. Make Rideshare Rewarding.

Driver Rewards

UniCar is motivated to reward our drivers to earn while they learn. We aim to offer students flexible work arrangements to fit around their studies, all the while allowing them to drive-to-own a BRAND new vehicle. We will offer increased rewards points for drivers who pick up passengers who are patients with the National Disability Insurance Scheme and other patient transport services between hospitals, doctors appointments and aged care facilities.

Currently under development, UniCar is working with the government to devise a program to reduce HECS debt.

Protecting The Environment

We put our cars on the road to ensure you don’t have to, with fewer cars on the road and passengers sharing rides, we can make a big difference for the environment. We are driven to reducing private vehicle kilometers and emissions in cities, UniCar has developed a positive rideshare service that encourages people to consider alternative transport options.

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Download UniCar Now